Kintaikyo Photo Art Collection 2018

Let’s post the photos of Kintaikyo Art Festivalto SNS with a hashtag (#kincolle2018)

Applicants can apply for photos taken at the venue and its surroundings during the event period.
Since you can easily apply from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LINE@, please participate everyone!

  Regardless of age, age, professional and amateurs will not be asked. Please note that works submitted will be used with the applicant’s name as well as the Kintai Bridge Art Festival official website and related media, and other relevant public relations materials.

Application period

Nov 9 (Fri) – Dec 2 (Sun) in 2018

Qualification requirements

Everyone regardless of age, professional or amateurs can apply.


Several excellent awards are available.

Application method

You can apply easily from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LINE@.

○How to apply from Facebook

1. Facebook Kintai-kyo Bridge Art Festival official account kincolle2018, “Like” is done in the holding article

2. kincolle2018 In the comment on the article post, put “#kincolle2018” and attach a photograph


  1.Facebook Kintai-kyo Bridge Art Festival Do “Like” to the official account

2.Facebook Kintai-kyo Bridge Art Festival put “#kincolle2018” in the official account, attach a photo and e-mail

○Application method from Instagram

1. Follow Instagram Kintai-kyo Bridge Art Festival Official Account (@kintaikyo.artfesta)

2. Add a hashtag “#kincolle2018” and post photos

○Application method from Twitter

1. Follow Twitter Kintai-kyo Bridge Art Festival Official Account (@kintaikyo_art)

2. Add a hashtag “#kincolle2018” and post photos

○Application method from LINE@

1. Click the “Add friends” button below to add friends


2. Add “#kincolle2018” and send photos by e-mail

○Application method from e-mail

Send from the application form below

About application photo

Even photographs taken with any shooting equipment, such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, etc., can be submitted.

You can apply as many points as you like.

Please note that if you do not have a hashtag description, it will not be eligible for selection.

Review method

Iwakuni Design Association will conduct strict examination.

Result announcement

Planned around the end of December 2018.

We will contact you individually with a direct message to the winner.


Iwakuni Design Association

Notice on application

Applicants of this contest are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions stated in this notice at the time of entry. Regarding matters concerning this contest that are not included in this notice, the Iwakuni Design Association, which manages the official website of the Kintai Bridge Art Festival, shall have the ultimate decision right.

  • The place to shoot is limited to the venue of the Kintai Bridge Art Festival and its vicinities.
  • The shooting date is limited to 3 days, November 9, November 10, November 11, 2018.
  • There is no restriction on application points.
  • The application method is limited to applications from the Internet, and application by bringing in or posting is not acceptable.
  • All expenses incurred in connection with the application shall be borne by the applicant.
  • Submissions must be photographed by the applicant himself, all copyrighted, and limited to those unpublished. Regardless of the magnitude of the same or similar works, you can not apply for works that you are applying to, contesting for, or scheduling other competitions, etc. or winning in the past. However, works submitted for publication without commercial purpose by the applicant himself / herself posted on the website of his / herself, or works submitted at a photo exhibition without a judgment can be applied.
  • The copyright of the submitted work belongs to the applicant himself, but the submitted work is accompanied by the name of the applicant and the public information of the Kintai Bridge Art Festival Official Site or the Kinzaki Bridge Art Festival Business Promotion Committee (within the Iwakuni Culture Promotion Division) You can use it without charge in advance for activities etc. without obtaining permission.
  • Even if the applicant suffers any damage in regard to entry to this contest, the organizer will not be responsible for it unless there is willful or gross negligence.
  • Please refrain from applying for a prize in duplicate in other contests etc.
  • Some processing or modification may be done for the posting, exhibition and other use of prize-winning works.
  • Entries outside of regulations are invalid.
  • If infringement of the right is confirmed in the entry work, it will be excluded from the selection.
  • Please do not shoot in places where shooting is not permitted.
  • If the organizer judges that the entry or winning work violates this notice, or if judging that the organizer is in violation of laws, ordinances, etc., the entry or winning will be invalid or cancellation I will.
  • The organizer shall not bear any responsibility for receiving copies, portraits, etc. in the submitted work, requests for damages from third parties, claims for damages, complaints, complaints, etc. The applicant shall process and resolve the claim, complaint, allegation etc. by its responsibility and all costs.
    Images contrary to laws and ordinances or public order and morals and other works that obscure browsers, such as those that the organizer deems inappropriate, may not be eligible for publication.
  • As for winner selection and result announcement, the schedule may be around. Please note.
  • We do not accept inquiries about the result.
  • For details on the handling of personal information, please refer to the “Privacy Policy” of the Kintai Bridge Art Festival official website.